The most complete Stand Up Board (SUP) experience in Ibiza

Boat + SUP (paddle surf) + snorkel + fruits + drinks = ¡100% joy!

What is included?

Boat + SUP (paddle surf) + snorkel + fruits + drinks = ¡100% joy!

Can you imagine a day paddling on a paddle surf board touring some of the most beautiful coves of Ibiza, in a boat specially designed for this activity, snorkeling, with your friends or family?

Get on board! We can't wait to share our passion with you.

We will do everything possible so that you spend the most unforgettable day of your vacation in Ibiza.

What is included?

Sup Paradise Ibiza The best coves

The best coves

Sup Paradise Ibiza Warranted joy!

Warranted joy!

Sup Paradise Ibiza Stand Up Paddle boards

Stand Up Paddle boards

Sup Paradise Ibiza Drinks


Sup Paradise Ibiza Snorkel & Googles

Snorkel & Googles

Sup Paradise Ibiza Pictures!


Sup Paradise Ibiza Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit

Sup Paradise Ibiza Profesional instructors

Profesional instructors

Learn how to paddle with us!

Stand Up Paddle courses

If what you want are private classes to achieve perfect technique, in addition to our boat courses, we also offer you in our SanAntonio bay, where in summer we even have a training channel where speed and precision in paddling will be easy to achieve. perfect day by day.

The courses are taught by a certified IOSUP instructor, with more than 15 years of experience on paddle surf boards, I assure you that you will learn a lot from his experience.


initiation course

This course consists of 1.5 hours, based on theory and practice. basic knowledge of material, and basic paddling techniques, balance and board positioning. With this course you will be able to feel the sensations and enjoy this sport.

70€, 2 days, 1h per day

Advanced course

When the beaches are too small for you, your view looks towards the horizon and your routes start to get longer and more fun, it's time to take an advanced course. Correcting and learning positioning becomes a key factor so that your outings can begin to be safer. Arriving home without injuries and identifying your body's signals and your limits is the key to faster progress.

100€, 2 days, 1.5h per day

SUPer course!

You have already passed that point where you feel like the king of the sea and your purposes and goals are already beginning to overcome the amateur barrier, your speeds and average distances are greater every day, that is when it is no longer only your physical/technical state that matters, very important factors such as knowing what to bring, planning a correct route, understanding weather maps, dosing when and where you will have to give it more effort, planning weekly training, organization and communication with the ground will be the key factors for success in your purposes, right there. That is when you need this course and that is exactly when you will be in the essence of authentic stand up paddle…. A real experience!!!